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Personalized Service

A personalized financial service should mean:

  • Your money will be invested based on your financial goals and your risk tolerance.

  • Your advisor will be readily available either by phone, in person, or virtually via an online meeting.

  • You don't have to press several numbers or go through a screener just to ask a question about your account.

  • You can meet with your advisor at the very least once a year, either the old fashioned way in person at a place that is convenient for you (your home, your office, our office), or by video conferencing.

  • You will be treated with utmost respect regardless of how much money you have entrusted with your advisor.

  • You can always use your advisor as a sounding board regarding other important financial decisions in your life.

  • Your advisor will be available to talk with you not just during routine work days or business hours.

  • Your emails or voice messages received during business days and working hours will be replied to within one hour.

  • Your portfolio is monitored daily by your advisor for any fraudulent activities.

  • You can easily have access to view your account holding and transactions made in the account to figure out how well your investments are doing.

  • You will have access to your financial plan and will be able to add, delete or adjust any goals, assets or liabilities.

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