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Goal-Based Planning

In a world where you are presented at times on a constant basis with numerous investment opportunities be it in financial assets, real estate, gold, cryptos, arts/collectibles, or private businesses how do you decide which investment is the best one?


How do you decide how much to allocate toward each investment? Finally how do you decide which investment did as well as it should have when you originally made your investment?


What happens for many people is that they usually do a simple calculation (guesstimate) on how much money they can make on a particular investment; either in their head or by jotting it down, while also assessing the potential risk associated with that investment in a very simplistic and implicit way in their mind.


A more practical way of investing would be to first identify and prioritize the actual reason or goal for why you are investing.

After all when you invest, you are putting to risk money that you’ve more than likely have worked hard to accumulate, and you've gotten it as a result of some trade-offs such as work/life balance. Thus you are also sacrificing or cutting back on your current spending, just so you can have ‘more' money in the future.


So to justify this decision in your mind, the pleasure of whatever amount you can potentially going to have in the future, should outweigh the trade-offs you’ve endured as well as the pleasure of spending it right now.  The process of identifying and prioritizing your financial goals and the anticipated expenses to fund those needs; makes this justification for investing much easier. No longer you will have an implicit goal or one that is just in the back of your mind, where you randomly or emotionally decide on when and how much you need to invest for it.


A goal-based financial plan will identify and prioritizes your goals, and gives you a better idea of the anticipated expenses to fund those needs. Using forecasting tools, we'll determine how likely you are to achieve your financial goals. We'll also take a look at how hypothetical situations could influence your plan so you're not caught off guard.


Using all of this information along with all of your assets and liabilities to create a diversified portfolio of financial assets that has a good chance of matching your personal benchmarks while taking into consideration your risk tolerance.


Life can be complex. Pursuing your financial goals doesn't have to be.



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