Life Insurance

When Whole Life Insurance may be the Best Option

For generations a debate has raged on over whether it’s best to buy whole life insurance or to buy term life insurance and “invest the difference”.  Proponents of each method are adamant in their positions and both offer sound reasoning in their answers.  But, for anyone to tell you which is best for you without knowing anything about you is tantamount to someone tel

How Much Life Insurance is enough?

The fundamental question of how much life insurance to buy can only be answered when we know what it is exactly we are protecting. While its purpose is to protect your life, only you can determine what that might be worth to your family. Your vision of a “good life” for you and your family doesn’t usually go away after you’re gone.

Borrowing from a Life Insurance Policy

One of the reasons why some people purchase a cash value life insurance policy be it universal life or whole life is so at some point they have the ability to be able to borrow from the policy.  However before borrowing from such policies (yes you are borrowing not withdrawing and yes you have to pay interest ranging around 5%) one needs to be fully aware of some important points.

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