PIMCO Treasury Position

Not that money managers that manage $230 billion can’t make a mistake on their call, but considering the intense investment process and access to quality insight and research that shops like PIMCO have it is only prudent to consider the implications of their recent move.

Q1 2011 Selloff

As always on any given day pundits and reporters try to associate a particular event to why the market has gone up or gone down. This week many are associating the recent sell off with the events in Libya.

Return Expectations

One of the common questions investment professionals often receive is on return expectations for various asset classes.  Prior to the 2008 financial Crisis a common long term return assumption that many pension funds were using was about 8% for a typical balanced portfolio, while many were using long term return expectations of 10-12% for an all equity portfolio.

American Exceptionalism

I thought it would be more appropriate to start the year with a big picture write up, and to do so it’s fitting to start by mentioning part of an address Abraham Lincoln gave in September of 1859:

All Financial Crisis End

Just about a week ago on November 20th the S&P 500 Index closed at 752 down 22% for the month, but in yet another sign of market’s volatility the index rallied 19% from the lows in just five days to close at 896 down 7% (vs. 22%) for the month.

Fooled by Randomness

This past month I decided to re-read Fooled by Randomness an excellent book written by Nasim Taleb. The book is a great read for anyone that hasn’t looked or isn’t used to looking at various events from a mathematical or statistical perspective.

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