Role of Investors in Housing Recovery

Many of the data points related to the housing market have been improving and are signaling the long awaited recovery. One of them the existing home sales which account for the bulk of the market has topped year-ago levels for 20 months in a row and existing home prices have bested year-ago levels for 12 consecutive months.

23x CAPE Is Not Cheap

If we were to use Robert Shiller’s Cyclically Adjusted Price Earnings Ratio, abbreviated as CAPE which basically uses the 10-year average of “real” (inflation-adjusted) earnings for the E part of the denominator; we can then see why in his latest Viewpoint report (link) Goldman Sachs Jim O’Neill suggested S&P 500 valuation is not hardly “bargain basement”

Frequency Of Past Stock Market Corrections

Here is a look back at stock market history since 1900 showing some of the round number percentage declines in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the length of the decline but more importantly how often it happens. Apropos considering the 4 year anniversary of market lows that were set back in March of 2009.

A history of declines (1900–December 2012) 

Kevin Warsh on Federal Reserve

Informative comments by former Federal Reserve governor Kevin Warsh on what is likely to take place when the Fed unwinds its current bond-buying program, but also highlighting the role of a central banker in an economy. (Flashplayer is required to watch the video clip)

Challenges In Reaching Your Financial Goals

Most people will have many challenges in reaching their long term financial goals.

Human Capital

Most of the concentration in the field of wealth management by nature tends to be on financial assets, however for majority of clients who are still working especially individuals who are not close to their retirement years the value o

Maximizing Social Security Spousal Benefits

There are two strategies in maximizing one’s Social Security spousal benefits.  To utilize them you have to have reached full retirement age, and only one spouse is allowed to claim spousal benefits at a time.

Affordable Care Act Taxes

The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare that was passed into law in 2010 and recently affirmed by the Supreme Court came with an additional tax that will go into effect starting on Jan 2013.

Investment Advice from Your Uncle Polonius

GMO Capital Jeremy Grantham latest newsletter once again is very insightful especially how he explained some of the basic concepts in the investing. He cleverly used Polonius a character in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet for describing and giving these investment advice.

Being Realistic About Retirement

The idea of one day travelling, doing the hobbies you always enjoyed and spending time with the family all without having to go to work, is the retirement many people look forward to having one day.

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